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Client Service Agreement

Daughter On Call policies:

Fees and Policies

Please review the service classification(s):

  • Nursing Care ($60.00/hr)

  • Health Care Aide ($29.00/hr)

  • Companionship ($29.00/hr)

  • Housekeeping/Transportation/Laundry ($29.00/hr)

Once clients qualify and receive documents from their health region for Self and Family Managed Care, Daughter On Call issues one separate invoice for the SFMC for the designated hours and rates, and a separate invoice, if applicable, for the personal portion of care provided.

Invoices are issued for SFMC on a bi-weekly basis aligning with SFMC bi-weekly funding, most community clients are invoiced on a monthly basis at the end of each calendar month.

Service will cease should invoices not be paid within a period of 15 days from the invoice date. Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at a rate of 3%.

Non-Compete Policy

The Client and/or their responsible party, agrees that it will not, during the course of its Agreement and for a period of eighteen months thereafter, call upon, canvass or solicit, or abet any solicitation of any employee of Daughter On Call, to leave that employment or to enter into any other private agreement to supply any of the services that are provided for, or otherwise to unfairly compete with the business of the service provider, without written authorization of the business.



Clients will be charged a rate of $0.54/km, if and/or when employees use their own vehicles, or company vehicles, for transportation while providing services for the client. Clients will be charged mileage at a rate of $0.54/km for all care that is provided outside of the closet Daughter On Call hub (Brandon, Carberry, Pinawa, Minnedosa, or Portage la Prairie). For rural clients, we will make every effort to find staff in your area to avoid/minimize the mileage charge. However, if this is not possible we will send staff from the closest hub and mileage will be charged.

Statutory Holidays

On statutory holidays clients will be charged 1.5x the hourly rate for the services that are being provided on that holiday day. Clients have the option of cancelling or reducing their care on these days if the proper amount of notice is given.

Cancellation Policy (Policy 72)

We require 72-hours notice for change or discontinuation of services. If 72-hours is not given, you will be billed for the regular scheduled visits.

Part 4

Policy Agreement

This client service agreement is between Daughter On Call and:

I accept the above mentioned policy terms.

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