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The Garden Of Care

Care Levels  |  Service List

Care Levels


Full of promise and fragrance the peony requires little care but a little nurturing is always welcomed. 

  • Can dress / undress independently

  • Can bath independently

  • Takes own medication

  • Can manage own finances

  • Takes care of own health care needs

  • Independent with housekeeping, laundry, yard care and other
    household tasks

  • Walks independently or with minimal use of a mobility aid

  • No major issues with eyesight or hearing

  • No diabetes or life-threatening conditions


Full of color and grace that occasionally needs support to continue to grow and thrive. 

  • May require assistance with dressing / undressing

  • May require assistance with bathing

  • May require reminders to take medications

  • May require assistance to manage finances

  • May require assistance with health care needs

  • May require assistance with housekeeping, laundry, yard care, or any other household tasks

  • May require the use of mobility aids

  • May require safety checks

  • Shows decreased desire for socialization

  • Memory lapses or dementia is present

  • Has medical condition limiting mobility



A delicate flower that can get tossed around by the winds of time; the daisy needs steady nurturing to thrive.

  • Requires Assistance with bathing & dressing

  • Requires Assistance with medications

  • Requires Assistance with managing finances

  • Requires Assistance with health care needs

  • Requires others to do housekeeping, laundry, yard care, and other
    household tasks

  • Requires the use of a mobility aid

  • Requires safety checks

  • Requires night supervision

  • Significant memory lapses or dementia is more evident than in the Lily Stage

  • Has a medical condition that limits mobility

  • Has chronic medical condition



A small tightly enclosed flower that is extremely fragile and delicate. Require a large amount of gentle care and attention in order to survive and flourish. 

  • Requires care in bathing & dressing

  • Requires others to give all medications

  • Requires medications to be crushed or in a liquid form

  • Requires others to do housekeeping, laundry, yard care and other
    household tasks

  • Requires use of a mobility aid at all times

  • Requires safety checks

  • Requires night supervision

  • Shows very minimal socialization

  • Dementia maybe present

  • Has a medical condition limiting mobility

  • Has chronic medical condition

Service List

Service List



Our attentive staff are available to meet all of your hygiene needs, whether it be bathing, showering, washing & styling your hair, helping you get dressed, facial shaving, help with footwear, etc.  Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate them!



When your loved one is admitted to hospital it can be a confusing time for them.  We have trained sitters that can sit from an hour up to 24 hours a day to ensure your loved one’s needs are met, as well as provide them the reassurance that they have someone right next to them.  This service is especially valuable to those with hearing, sight or dementia impairments that can all present special problems when someone is hospitalized. We also provide this service to those in personal care homes who perhaps are needing a little extra TLC.



Our nurses and health care aides will come into your home to provide any help with things that are now difficult for you to do following your surgery.  These services can range from bathing, to wound care, suture or staple removal, exercise programs, housecleaning, laundry, meal-making, errands, etc.  WE take care of the details, so that you can take the time to heal from your surgery.  We can even provide a special suite at Riverheights Terrace so that you can heal in a beautiful setting!  Perfect if you live in rural Manitoba and need to be close to your doctors or the hospital in Brandon!



Let our energetic cleaning staff make your home sparkle! From vacuuming, to washing floors, windows and even the bathroom.  Our cleaners are fast, efficient, and love to clean!



As we age our memory can lapse, which often results in errors with taking medications.  Our care partners will ensure that you receive your medication at the right times, on the right days.  We can also work with your pharmacist to ensure that regular medication reviews are done and we can have your meds delivered to our office, which we will then bring to your home. If you have a loved one with dementia, we can also provide a medication lock box at no cost to our clients.



Our local hospital has a policy that all persons that are put to sleep for a surgery or a procedure have a responsible person with them for the 24 hour period following the procedure. Our care partners can pick you up, drive you home, prepare you a light meal, ensure your medications are taken properly and monitor you for any untoward complications of the procedure/surgery.




Tired of losing socks? Then let us come find them for you! Our care partners would love to come and do your laundry, whether it is weekly, every other week or on a monthly basis. We will also strip your bedding and put the clean sheets back on for you.




We have both nurses and health care aides that can accompany you to your medical appointments.  We will pick  you up right at your door and on your request can also meet with your doctor with you.  We can take notes, ask questions, and help you understand your doctor’s orders.  We can also help you relay this information to your loved ones.  And on the drive home, if you would like to stop for coffee, the pleasure would be ours!



Whether you have a medical appointment, want to go shopping, or need to get to the airport, we can ensure your safety and well-being in our care.  We will pick you up on your doorstep and ensure you get where you’re headed in a safe, timely manner.  We can stay with you at the airport right until the time of boarding, which will provide you with peace of mind in a busy airport.



We are all pet lovers at Daughter On Call and we love to help our clients take care of their furry friends.  We can assist you by taking them for walks, trips to the dog park or vet, grooming and even ‘babysitting’ while you are away for a day or two!



Let us make a day a special one by spending time with you!  Our companions look forward to spending time with our clients, having tea and a visit, perhaps helping you clean a closet or go to the grocery store.



Perfect for the family caregiver that needs a break, a vacation or is experiencing their own medical issue.  We will gladly provide care in either your own home or ours! Respite will be tailored to the client’s individual needs by trained, loving staff.



Our Nurses are available 7 days a week to provide professional wound care in your home. Charges for supplies may be incurred by the client, or if you wish, you can supply your own. Wound care in the home is a wonderful option instead of daily trips to the hospital to have it done!



In this area, Daughter On Call has done extensive, additional training with their staff & management.  We believe in “less drugs and more investigation” in regard to concerning behaviours.  Call us today to see if we can help you ease the frustration of caring for someone with dementia.  You will be glad you did.


  • House Sitting for Snowbirds

  • Lawn Care

  • Blood Pressure Clinics

  • Stroke Support

  • Education Sessions

  • Caregiver Support Services

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