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Elder Homes - Killarney - Coming Soon

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Our home feels like your home.

Killarney, MB

Coming Soon

Generations Estate is a proposed project in Killarney, Manitoba.  This eight-bedroom home will encourage autonomy and independence, while being fully staffed with Health Care Aides to assist with whatever needs your loved ones may have. When your loved one can no longer live safely on their own, Daughter On Call is there to provide passionate care for your Elders. Our home feels like your home. Residents are encouraged to live as they would in their own home, with their own room décor and a schedule that suits their preference. They are able to sleep, wake, and eat whenever they would like. We encourage family and friends to visit and participate in family meals and activities. Children and pets are always welcome.   

  • Large private bedrooms

  • Ensuite bathroom per bedroom

  • Homecooked meals and fresh baking

  • Laundry and housekeeping services

  • Hair salon

  • Fenced yard

  • Flower & vegetable gardens

  • Covered patios

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Musical entertainment

  • Fun outings and activities

  • Crafts, cards, and painting

  • TV and Internet

  • Footcare nurse

  • Consistent staffing

  • 24 hour staff from Daughter On Call

killarney generations estate logo.png

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